Cancer Sucks. We Know.

The Lowdown on Cancer focuses on the impact of cancer on lives and on the things that give us hope. From the pain of learning you have cancer to innovative new treatments offered by the best and brightest, we’ll give you the Lowdown.

Yes, cancer sucks. But you are not alone. And we are not without hope!

CANCER FUND. More than Hope.

Is Research Enough?

May is National Cancer Research Month, during which the American Association for Cancer Research partners with advocacy groups, cancer centers, and research institutions to raise awareness of the high-quality, innovative cancer research. But is it enough?...

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Regret: A Personal Story

We asked CANCER FUND founder and managing director, Anthony Bajoras, to share what drove him to start this impact venture fund. What do you regret today? What will you regret 10 years from now? 20? If you’re like me, your greatest regrets will be those...

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Since we have a lot people asking how they can support our mission, this video introduces you to our sponsor - CANCER FUND - and provides info on how you can help support cancer innovation.

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