Save Second Base, The Innovators: Telexos GmbH

Meet Telexos GmbH. Telexos develops products for the clinical cancer research market and for the personalized cancer diagnostics market. Their focus is on the detection and analysis of rare cells in the blood, in particular circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and rare immune cells.

“We were analyzing a number of technologies out there and found out that those technologies do not work [well] enough,” says Telexos CEO and Founder, Dr. Erhard Fernholz.

Dr. Fernholz has an extensive background in chemistry, immunology, and diagnostic technology. He had an idea deemed too “risky” by his former lab, but he was determined to bring it to market, founding Telexos GmbH. “So far,” he says, “it’s looking promising.”

Telexos addresses several problems. First, their technology aims to help medical professionals detect cancer in patients earlier. This alone would lower costs and improve outcomes. The second use would be to much more precisely characterize the tumor in order to define the best therapies. Lastly, it would provide a less invasive, more repeatable method to monitor patients to see if treatment adjustments are necessary.

Watch our full interview with Dr. Fernholz to learn more about this exciting innovation!


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