Save Second Base, The Innovators: Onco-liq

“We know that 50% of humans will have cancer at some time in their life.”

Well if that wasn’t enough of a gut punch, wait for this statistic:
Of those people with cancer, 50% will be diagnosed with advanced tumors. Which means treatment options may be limited and the prognosis for these patients is much worse than if they’d been screened and diagnosed earlier.

You see, if your cancer is detected early, your chances of survival are around 90%. However, if your cancer is diagnosed late, your chances of survival drop to 20%. Unfortunately, this early detection relies on some pretty unreliable screening processes.

Onco-liq addresses this problem of cancer screening.

Their innovation would be incorporated into annual bloodwork completed in your doctor’s office. Just like you test your blood for cholesterol and other potential issues, you’d know also be able to screen for cancer. This is especially useful since many of the most common cancer screenings can miss deadly tumors.

For example, most women are accustomed to screening for lumps in their breasts. But how do you screen for a tumor in your liver or spleen? We have all sorts of internal organs that are susceptible to cancer, and some result in more deadly diagnoses simply because it takes so much time for them to be found and diagnosed.

Onco-liq’s technology works by measuring certain microRNAs in the blood. These are molecules produced by your cells. The proportion of these molecules in your bloodstream changes at the onset of different diseases – not just cancer! For each type of cancer, your microRNA changes, which means it’s possible to detect what kind of cancer you have very early on. Based on the test’s read-out, you’d move your care to an oncologist who would run additional tests and take over treatment and care.

Check out our interview with Dr. Mariana Simian, one of Onco-liq’s co-founders, to learn more.


  1. Adriana

    Great talk Marina! Thanks a lot to Cancerfund!


    Cancer screening is essential to save lives. And Oncoliq’s solution allows early detection by screening many organs simultaneously using a small sample of blood.

  3. Mercedes Lopez

    Innovative, outstanding results, cheap and available to everyone

  4. Janvi

    Early screening and detecting cancer save lives

  5. Monica Janovitz

    Congratulations on your work!! THANK YOU!!!❤️


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