Crossing the “Valley of Death”: An Update on Reglagene

Join us for this special update from Reglagene, the first company in CANCER FUND’s portfolio of investments.

Reglagene is working to develop targeted cancer therapies, delivered via oral medication, that control cancer cells’ ability to become therapy-resistant. This breakthrough innovation will be low enough cost to make a worldwide impact, and as Reglagene founder Richard Austin says, “Now we know it works.”

When CANCER FUND invested in Reglagene at the close of the SEED funding found, the company was beginning animal trials. After testing over 300 drug prototypes, Reglagene brought the drug technology to their capstone test. During these trials, Reglagene implanted an aggressive prostate cancer line in mice. With the use of the drug, these mice survived the 57-day trial with no toxicity and no negative side effects.

This exciting news helps move Reglagene forward as they apply to the FDA for permission to conduct Phase 1 human clinical trials. And CANCER FUND is thrilled to be a part of this journey.

“We need people like the CANCER FUND and their investors,” says Reglagene founder Richard Austin. “We needed CANCER FUND to get us across that Valley of Death.” And now that Reglagene has crossed that chasm, we look forward to a very promising future for this company and its cancer therapies.


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