How to Invest in Cancer Fund I, LLC

5 Easy Steps to Investing in Cancer Fund I, LLC

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Step 1. Find the first innovation you want to support

Join our Screening Committee to review individual companies being considered for investment.

Step 2. Submit your soft investment commitment

Submit a non-binding soft investment committment of $100 or more to Cancer Fund I, LLC.

Step 3. Create your secure investment account

Setup your investment account at our secure, FINRA reviewed investment portal,

Step 4. Verify your investor accreditation status

Verify your status as an accredited or verified accredited investor on

Step 5. Sign investment docs & fund your investment

Execute your investment and transfer funds to Cancer Fund I, LLC to complete your investment

Detailed Step By Step Directions

For assistance, contact

Step 1: Find the first innovation you want to support –  We aim to make supporting cancer innovation fast, easy, and transparent so that you know what your funds are supporting. We even invite you to help select our next investment by joining our Screening Committee [INSERT LINK] and choosing the innovations you believe have the greatest potential for impact and return. 

Step 2: Submit your soft investment committment – Once you’ve identified that first innovation you would like to support, you can submit your non-binding soft commitment at to support that company through Cancer Fund I, LLC. However, if you prefer to leave those selections up to the CANCER FUND community, team, and Managing Director, please submit your indication of interest at Either way, as a Cancer Fund I, LLC investor, you will own a proportional share of the investments made out of Fund I.

Step 3: Create your secure investment account –  If you plan to invest through your self-directed IRA, please contact us [INSERT LINK] for alternate instructions. Otherwise,  click here to create a new account, access the Cancer Fund I, LLC offering, and initiate your investment on our FINRA-reviewed fundraising platform, Funds411.

Step 4: Verify your investor accreditation status – U.S. securities regulations require verifying each of our investor’s accreditation statuses. For investors accepted into Cancer Fund I, LLC, we will cover the cost of your verification from InvestReady,, or similar pre-approved service providers. Alternatively, verification letters may be provided by your certified public accountant, attorney, registered investment advisor, or registered broker-dealer. If you need a sample letter, please let me know. I have no preference, so please use whatever method you prefer

Step 5: Sign investment docs & fund your investment – In Funds411, review the Offering Documentation and Subscription Agreement and sign electronically. Once we’ve received your signed Subscription Agreement, we will provide instructions to fund your investment via wire, ACH, Zelle, or check.