Planned Impact Investment Information:

Veana Therapeutics

CANCER FUND and Veana Therapeutics

As part of our Breast Cancer Investment Cycle, Cancer Fund I, LLC is planning an investment in Veana  Therapeutics.

This page provides more details about our planned investment in Veana for those interested in supporting them through Cancer Fund I, LLC, including a summary of key points, a video of our April 11, 2024 Deeper-Dive session with CEO Patricia Beckmann, Ph.D. and CSO Emmanuel Akporiaye, Ph.D., and a presentation deck so you can learn more.

As a community of impact investors, CANCER FUND relies on the participation of members like you to fund these and other cancer innovations in our portfolio.


Potential Investment Status: Veana Therapeutics

There are 6 steps in our investment process; Veana Therapeutics is currently in Step 5 and will advance to Step 6 when we receive enough support from our community. As of April 16th, 2024, we’ve already circled more than 83% of our target investment amount to support Veana Therapeutics through Cancer Fund I, LLC.

Would you help us reach our goal?

Join Us

If you’d like to join us in supporting cancer innovation by investing $100 or more into Cancer Fund I, LLC to support VeanaTherapeutics and other innovations, we are now accepting outside (non-founder) investors.

To submit your non-binding indication of interest,  CLICK HERE.


Click below to view a recording of our DEEPER-DIVE and CLOSER-LOOK Town Hall with Veana CEO Patricia Beckmann, PhD and CSO Emmanuel Akporiaye.



Veana Therapeutics


Veana Therapeutics