The Problem: Mihir’s Story

The Problem Mihir’s Story

Meet Mihir Vora, one of CANCER FUND’s early supporters and collaborators. His story is likely to sound like many you’ve heard before. A healthy, typical life: Education, job, marriage. Everything going in the right direction. And then something happens. For Mihir, it was a seizure. One, followed months later by another. And of course, the dreaded diagnosis, the “you have cancer” revelation. 

Mihir, originally from Mumbai, India, was diagnosed with a tumor in his front temporal lobe, a glioma. Following a surgery in Mumbai, where oncologists were able to remove nearly 95% of the mass, Mihir traveled to New York for a second opinion. There he underwent a second surgery to remove what was left of the tumor. 

Following his surgeries, Mihir felt called to help. He engaged with hospitals, clinics, and charities to support their missions in the hopes of advancing cancer treatments. While he was giving generously to various causes, Mihir began to wonder, “How much is actually going towards the patient?” 

Mihir realized his real goal was to find and fund companies and innovators who are doing the hard work to assist “end users” – actual patients. He felt that while medical clinics and hospitals are doing worthwhile research, the end products aren’t making it to market to reach those who need it. Similarly, many charities seem tied up in bureaucracy and media projects instead of focusing on the people on the ground level. That’s how he found CANCER FUND, an organization doing just that!

Another point of contention for Mihir was that when giving to charity, he didn’t know where his money went. It wasn’t as direct as giving to a Series A or Series B company. It wasn’t transparent, it was just giving to feel good but without real impact. He wanted to invest, so while there was some profit motive, there was also a larger impact motive. “Transparency is key,” he shared. 

CANCER FUND is not a typical investment portfolio. But our team emphasizes transparency and careful evaluation to vet potential companies, innovators, and start-ups. Our goals are aimed at achieving real, tangible impact. While we recognize the value of supporting research and charities, we also feel the frustration of our community that years of work and billions of dollars don’t seem to be moving us any closer to the finish line. Join us as we continue through this series, “Is The Race For A Cure Stalled On A Treadmill,” as we explain how the CANCER FUND came to exist and how our model works. 

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