Join me in supporting

cancer innovation.

 Priya comes from Payment and Healthcare innovations background. She led several high performing technology teams in Kaiser Permanente and currently working in the R&D department of Roche Diagnostics, leading OncoHub initiative – innovation in Cancer Care.

In the past she had volunteered and ran a few breast cancer awareness campaigns for different community organizations. She is really passionate towards driving changes and innovations in cancer diagnosis and treatments.

I’m committed to supporting cancer innovation!

Too many of us are still affected by cancer. I’ve joined CANCER FUND as an ambassador to raise awareness of the need for funding BEYOND RESEARCH and grow our community of people investing to bring cancer innovations from labs to patients.

CANCER FUND is closing the innovation funding gap.

Many of us continue to support cancer research, and that’s great. But, research is just the first step. After great ideas are developed in the lab, it still takes a lot of resources (money) for them to reach patients.

CANCER FUND has identified over 250 startup companies working on the hard task of getting cancer innovations to patients. And those 250 are just the start.

Those companies are seeking nearly $2 Billion to bring their innovations to patients. Without it, their innovations stay in the lab and don’t save lives. And the journey from lab to patient doesn’t benefit from the support we provide to cancer research. It takes more.

CANCER FUND is an investment fund focused on supporting early stage companies in delivering innovation to patients.

How can you help?

Here are three important ways you can join me and help CANCER FUND deliver breakthroughs in cancer.


Join our CANCER FUND I investor community to help support early-stage cancer innovators and share in our profits.

2. Help us select our next investments by joining 

QUICKLOOKS offers our community members the opportunity to provide feedback on innovations we are considering as possible investments.

QUICKLOOKS makes impacting the future of cancer as easy as 1-2-3.


Take a 30 seconds to read the brief description of a new cancer innovation.


Take 30 seconds more to rate the innovation on 3 short questions.


Provide any additional perspective you may want to share. Or ask us questions and we’ll follow up with you individually. Or don’t.

Celebrate Your Hero’s Story.

Recognize the special people who inspire you.

  Share the story of your hero – patients, survivors, those you’ve lost –

and support cancer innovation in their honor.

Together, we can do great things for cancer patients!

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have. Just email me at