Save Second Base, The Innovators: InheRET

1 in 5 Americans are at increased risk for hereditary or genetic risk of developing cancer. But most don’t even realize it.

Sure, we’ve all filled out those family history forms at the doctor’s office. But how well informed were you about your family history in the first place? And did the doctor take that information into consideration when prescribing medication, treatment plans, or screenings?

About 1.69 million Americans will get cancer, and over 600,000 will die from it every year. And about 10% of those cancers are caused by changes in genes that are passed down in families (known as germline mutations). Mutations that can greatly increase your cancer risk.

However, if you learn you have one of these mutations before you get cancer, you can take action and significantly reduce your cancer risk. In some cases, by as much as 95%!

InheRET collects your personal and family health history to find out if you need to take action due to a greater hereditary risk. Instead of sharing information on a form that will never see the light of day, your health and history matter.

InheRET is making an impact on patients and care centers with its tool that more accurately identifies which people are at risk for developing inherited cancers than standard family histories.  Learn more about them in the video below.


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