Save Second Base, The Innovators: FixNip

In 2021, an estimated 323,840 new cases of breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in men and women in the U.S. alone. 

Approximately 43% of those cases will choose surgical breast reconstruction. Although nipple-sparing surgeries (leaving the nipple and areola) give the reconstructed breast a more natural look and can help hide some of the mastectomy scars, not everyone is eligible for such reconstruction due to issues with their skin or radiation. Thus a majority of those patients are left without their natural nipples.  

In the past, those patients had to turn to the only other options available –  skin grafts (which flatten over time), 3D nipple tattoos, or prosthetic nipples. 

Until now!

Meet Yagil Netta, Founder and Inventor of fixNip™. Yagil brings his design background to help women achieve more natural-looking reconstruction after mastectomies. The fixNip nipple is made from soft silicone and nitinol metal (the material used for medical stents) to more accurately recreate the shape and feel of a nipple.

This innovative product goes under the skin and creates the shape of a nipple and can be tattooed to give the appearance of a real nipple.

While this may not be a life-saving product, Yagil refers to fixNip as a SOUL-saving product.

The fixNip procedure is done in 15 minutes, with local anesthesia. That’s easier than getting a cavity filled at the dentist!

Currently,  fixNip has only been placed in patients 6 months after their initial reconstructive surgery, but this procedure will eventually occur during the same operation.

fixNip gives patients a CHOICE for how they reconstruct after a mastectomy.

Watch our interview with Yagil Netta below.


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