Save Second Base, The Innovators: Cancer U

Our latest innovator bucks the trend, as a “for-profit, social impact, health tech startup.”

The cancer journey is overwhelming for patients and caregivers. And while many people struggle to advocate for themselves and their loved ones after a cancer diagnosis, “advocacy is a skill you can teach.”

Cancer University (or Cancer U for short) was founded by Andrea Wilson Woods to teach people how to advocate for themselves and their loved ones on the cancer journey. Cancer U is an online platform for patients and caregivers to educate, empower, and engage them to improve cancer outcomes.

Cancer U helps cut through the noise of random online searches to create a community of wellness. Additionally, through the collection of patient data, Cancer U helps scientific innovators design better patient trials.

Having lost her own sister, for whom she was the sole caregiver, to liver cancer, Andrea said she wants to educate others so they can make the best choices about treatment.

Check out our full interview with Andrea!


  1. Connie Bolden

    My name is Connie Bolden was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer Her2+. Had lumpectomy removal of 13 lymphnodes. My oncotype score was 33. They say my rate is high. I am also on exesmestane. I have bone and joint pain. EverythingvI eat seem to bloat me really bad. I seem to lose weight except for my stomach. I have so many questions but don’t really know how to ask them. Have had chemo and radiation and chemo fog is no joke. What kind of things should I be wary of and what things should I be trying to incorporate in my life. This probably isn’t making much sense because I am as lost and confused as I sound.

    • ann

      Thank you for your comment and what you are asking makes total sense. Many of us feel that confusion, especially when it is worsened by chemo. If you would like to continue this dialogue and ask me questions, you can email me directly at I will answer any questions you have that I am able and I will guide you to resources as well.
      ~ Ann


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