Save Second Base, The Innovators: BetaGlue Technologies

We scoured the globe to bring you this latest innovator! Meet BetaGlue Technologies, a global team of medical industry professionals developing a new technology in the loco-regional therapy of solid tumors. And while it may sound like the stuff of sci-fi movies, this “Beta-emitting radioactive glue” has major implications in the world of breast cancer and other solid tumor cancer treatments.

With their innovative technology, BetaGlue can deliver a localized amount of energy via a simple, intra-operative, internal radiotherapy platform. This process is engineered to achieve maximum efficacy with improved safety for cancer patients.

BetaGlue Technologies in a Nutshell:

Surgery is the standard of care for resectable solid tumors. But what about unresectable tumors? What about treatment after surgery? “The problem the company is addressing is that of providing cost-effective, easy to prepare and administer, and safe radiotherapy,” shares CEO Antonino Amato, MD.

Such loco-regional approaches would have two primary advantages:

  • before treatment, to reduce tumoral masses
  • post treatment, to reduce risk of recurrence

Radiotherapy is very prevalent in cancer treatment, with more than half of cancer patients experiencing radiotherapy. For breast cancer patients, this BetaGlue’s radiation technology could be used to improve outcomes of lumpectomies and mastectomies.

And because of the type of technology, Dr. Amato is confident that the jump from animal trials to human trials will yield similar results. “Our real challenge is to be into humans and prove the promise that this technology has given us in animals. I think it’s very very likely that we’ve seen in animals will be replicated in humans.”

Watch our full interview with Dr. Amato below!


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