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Glioblastoma, Ewing Sarcoma

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Therapies and Management


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We love Reglagene’s global impact potential as a cost-effective disruptor to the chemotherapy space. Despite advances in cancer therapies, 62% of patients with stage II-IV cancer still receive chemotherapy as a frontline treatment, and 86% of those patients report side effects and toxicities. Reglagene approaches this toxicity issue by developing Precision Chemotherapy, a novel way to selectively target tumors, while sparing healthy tissue. A major value proposition is that Reglagene’s lead compound crosses the blood-brain-barrier (a filter that protects the brain from toxins). Innovative therapies have lagged for brain cancer owing to the difficulty of crossing this barrier, making Reglagene’s compound ripe for changing the treatment paradigm. We also have high confidence in Reglagene’s management team and their pathway to a positive return on investment.


Reglagene’s oral Precision Chemotherapy medicines are designed to be more effective and combat the toxicity issue that occurs with traditional chemotherapy. Traditional chemotherapy works by indiscriminately causing DNA damage in both cancer and healthy cells, resulting in many unwanted side effects. Precision Chemotherapy is a novel approach to cancer treatment that can selectively induce DNA damage in tumors, while sparing healthy tissue. This should be the solution for the decades long toxicity issue for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

 Reglagene’s technology is based on 20 years’ of research by Dr. Laurence Hurley, Reglagene’s Chief Science Officer. He discovered natural features in genes known as “quadruplexes” that control the rate of gene expression, the process by which the information encoded in a gene results in protein production. Further, Dr. Hurley discovered methods that enable the creation of medicines to selectively interact with gene quadruplexes to either enhance or inhibit their rate control function (Quadruplex Master Switch Technology, or QMST). The practical effect of these medicines is to target specific quadruplex structures that are overexpressed in cancer cells. This process results in DNA damage, cell division to pause, and cell death.

 New targeted therapies such as immuno-oncology therapies, CAR-T, gene-editing, and others, are expensive, invasive, and often difficult to receive. Reglagene’s Precision Chemotherapy medicines are orally administered in tablet form as the therapeutic modality. The effect of these medicines persist only while the medicine is in the patient’s system (safer), can be delivered systemically to the brain (targeted), and are the lowest cost therapeutic class (global impact). These are medicines for a global market.

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