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High-Grade Glioma (Brain Cancer)

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Therapies and Management


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We love Reglagene’s global impact potential as a cost-effective disruptor to the brain cancer space. Only four of the 217 FDA-approved cancer medicines are indicated for life-threatening brain cancers. The main reason for the lack of innovation in brain cancer treatment is the extreme difficulty of cancer medicines crossing the blood-brain barrier, a filter that protects the brain from toxins. Key aspects of Reglagene’s value proposition are that their preclinical development candidate medicine crosses the blood-brain barrier, is orally administered, and is well-tolerated in high doses. Reglagene’s lead therapeutic compound is ripe for changing the treatment paradigm for brain cancer patients. We appreciate that Reglagene’s lead medicine and platform can expand to other cancers that metastasize to the brain, including lung cancer and breast cancer. We also have high confidence in Reglagene’s management team and their pathway to a positive return on investment.


Reglagene’s orally administered, well-tolerated, blood-brain barrier penetrant medicines are designed to fight life threatening brain cancers known as high-grade glioma. Reglagene’s technology is based on 20 years of research by Dr. Laurence Hurley. In 2016, Reglagene formed after licensing technology from the University of Arizona. Reglagene’s CEO Dr. Richard Austin joined forces with Dr. Hurley, Reglagene’s Chief Scientific Officer, and Dr. Vijay Gokhale, Reglagene’s Vice President of Discovery to take the licensed technology and bring it on the path to commercialization.

The modality of the medicines they are bringing forward are known as “small molecules”. The effect of these small molecule medicines persists only while the medicine is in the patient’s system (safer), can be delivered systemically to the brain (targeted), and are the lowest cost therapeutic class (global impact).

Reglagene’s management team efficiently executed and achieved its milestones from the Seed round we invested into in early 2021, and now has a preclinical candidate entering Investigational New Drug (IND) studies required by the FDA to enter clinical trials. Reglagene is preparing for its Series A-1 funding raise where they intend to get through the IND studies and enter a dose-finding phase I clinical trial in 2023.

Cancer Fund’s investment focus is bringing cancer innovations from the bench into the clinic, and our first investment, Reglagene, is now within striking distance of this objective.


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