CANCER FUND’s QUICK-LOOKS program enables us to gain feedback on your company from our Screening Committee members.

Please complete the form below to provide an intial draft of your QUICK-LOOKS sumamry and we will follow up with you to refine and finalze. 

CANCER FUND Quick Looks Summary

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CANCER FUND's QUICK-LOOKS program is our process for gaining input from our Screening Committee members on your innovation. Your QUICK-LOOKS summary is intended to provide a brief overview of your innovation in a consistent format. As the first look at your company, we recommend keeping technical detail at an easily understood level; Screening Committee members who desire more information will be sent furrther detial as they go through our review process. The QUICK-LOOKS summary includes 5 fields in a standard format.
Provide a summary statement of The Problem that your innovation addresses. Please keep the statement to 25-40 words in length.
Provide a brief summary of your innovation. Please keep technical information at a high level to make it accesible to non-technical Screening Committee members. Please keep the statement to 80-130 words in length
Provide 2-3 bullet point highlights about the status of your innovation. Highlights may include informaiton about testing results, key relationshiips or other information to help our Screening Committee members understand where you company is in development.
Provide 2-3 bullet point summarizing the key benefits for cancer that result from your innovation.
Indicate the cancer types your innovation impacts. If your innovation impacts across cancer types (pan-cancer innovation) or multiple cancer types, indicate the main focus you have.