Joining Our Personalized Oncology Investment Cycle Team

Our next investment cycle targets Personalized Oncology: Innovations that tailor cancer care to each patient, including personalized therapies, management, diagnostics, and decision support solutions utilizing AI/ML and advanced analytics. This approach optimizes therapeutic strategies, enhances treatment efficacy, and improves patient outcomes and quality of life.

To be considered for this team, please review and respond to the questions below:


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1 - Are we aligned on compensation?(Required)
While our Venture Partners are compensated, the Venture Partner Candidate role is unpaid. We understand it’s a lot to ask, especially without a guarantee of becoming a Venture Partner. If the opportunity to demonstrate your value, contribute to impactful work, gain experience, and enhance your resume isn’t enough, we understand.
2 - Do you understand the scope of work?(Required)
Venture Partner Candidates will contribute 5-10 hours per week throughout June, July, and August supporting our existing Venture Partners in running our 6-step investment process for this cycle.
As leaders in CANCER FUND’s investors community, our Venture Partners invest with us to support innovations through Cancer Fund I, LLC. If you are investing with us, what soft commitment amount are you willing to make to support of this cycle?
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