NearWave is developing an imaging device that utilizes Diffuse Spectroscopic Imaging (DOSI) system to quantitatively measure the chemical composition of tissues including blood oxygen, water, and lipids 1-3 cm deep, as predictors of chemotherapy response. Collected data is analyzed with proprietary Machine-Learning models and reported to physicians. NearWave’s image monitoring of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy aims to shorten treatment times from 24 weeks to 13 weeks and save approximately $50,000 in therapy costs per patient.


Seed Round
Funded 2023


Breast Cancer


Diagnostics & Monitoring


NearWave holds promise as a potential breakthrough improvement in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Their novel handheld clinical device uses imaging technology to monitor patient response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy, which is the first line of treatment in stage IIB breast cancer patients. The system’s ease of use in the clinic and relative affordability, coupled with potentially high detection specificity and sensitivity, may also expand access to effective diagnostic care in rural and low income areas.