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In Short

Metabolytix is working on an innovative monitoring platform that promises to benefit chemotherapy cancer patients by providing real-time information on basic metabolic measures. That data, commonly secured in a clinical lab test, can help to optimize treatment while minimizing the risk of Acute Kidney Failure, experienced by as much as 50% chemo patients with certain types of cancer. Metabolytix’ wearable device will offer real-time access to key biological data including Creatinine, Potassium and Glucose level to better monitor patient progress and inform oncologists of emerging issues in treatment. We believe that the company’s innovation can have a measurable impact in cancer patients and more broadly enable better treatment for a number of common conditions in healthcare including cardiology, renal care and more.


Basic metabolic data is used throughout healthcare as a means to monitor patient health. The basic metabolic panel, which is typically run through a blood draw and lab testing, includes measurement for creatinine, potassium, glucose, carbon dioxide, blood urea nitrogen, calcium, chloride and sodium which provide key insights on health status, response to treatment and serve as early indicators for emerging health issues.

Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) testing today provides a point-in-time measurement through laboratory testing. As a result, collecting and using BMP data is slow, costly and hard to access, leading to infrequent use during treatment, particularly for outpatient care. Patients getting a physician-ordered BMP test need to visit a lab to have blood samples drawn and wait for lab processing for results. The testing report provides a single snapshot of BMP measures, reflecting the patient status at the time of the blood draw.

For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, there is a significant risk of Acute Kidney Injury as a side effect of treatment. Oncologists use BMP testing to measure levels of key analytes related to kidney function – creatinine, potassium and glucose – to monitor patient kidney health. 

Metabolytix is working to provide more immediate real-time BMP measurement that’s more convenient and less costly than lab testing. Using a wearable device similar to a continuous blood glucose monitor, they will sample interstitial fluid on an on-going basis and upload key data points to the cloud where it is accessible to care providers. This allows key health insights to be available with greater frequency and less disruption to patient lives, enabling a higher, more responsive standard of care.

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