An Overview of Our Community-Driven 6-Step Investment Process

CANCER FUND is a community-driven impact investment fund focused on cancer innovation. Our investment funds come from our community and we deploy a unique 6-Step Investment Process to allow us to engage our members in prioritizing what innovations we support.

Here’s a brief summary of our 6-step process and the points of engagement offering our community to become involved.

We Invest Together, in 6-Step Cycles

We select our investments together through cycles, typically targeting specific cancer or innovation types, using the 6-step process below.

As an impact investment fund, we purposefully focus on impact early in our assessment. High impact opportunities are reviewed by our community at progressively deeper levels as the process proceeds, with a full due diligence effort at Stage 5 for those companies that have demonstrated investment interest by community members. 

Step 1: Source

We source potential companies from referrals, industry and investor conferences, and direct submissions through our website at Our pipeline includes more than 700 companies spanning cancer indications and solutions-type. During a typical investment cycle, we identify 100 – 200 companies with potential fit and filter that list to 20 – 25 based on fit with CANCER FUND’s investmetn objectives.

Step 2: Pre-Screening

Companies short-listed after screening are reviewed by a select group of CANCER FUND team members and an advisory group selected from our community to narrow the field of possible investments to 4-6 opportunities with strong interest. Pre-Screening is supported by a process we call Glimpses, a structured approach to selecting the most appealing innovations based on potential patient impact.

Step 3: Screening (QUICK-LOOKS)

The 4-6 opportunites selected through pre-screening are reviewed with our CANCER FUND Screening Committee, an panel of survivors, healthcare professionals, and investors through our QUICK-LOOKS program. QUICK-LOOKS is our initial community screening and is cursory by design. Our focus during Screening is to identify those companies of greatest interest in our community based on impact and preliminary investment interest.

Step 4: Screening (CLOSER-LOOKS)

Companies generating sufficient interest in our QUICK-LOOKS process are invited to a CLOSER-LOOK town hall format meeting with our community featuring a presentation by company leaders, an open Q&A session, and a closed discussion to assess commuinty interest given more information. After the CLOSER-LOOK, our investors are invited to express their interest in each opportunity through a preliminary allocation of their invested capital to identify which of the active companies garner sufficient interest to progress to a full evaluation.

Step 5: Due Diligence (DEEP-DIVES)

Companies garnering sufficient investment interest in the capital allocation process are invited into Due Diligence. CANCER FUND appoints a Deal Team for each company consisting of interested community members and led by a CANCER FUND Venture Partner. Our due diligence process follows industry standards and assesses the company’s technology, development status, intellectual properties, management, financials, fund-raising and use of proceeds, among other factors. If the Deal Team recommends investment, results are presented in an online DEEP-DIVE with our community.

Step 6: Invest

Once we have selected an investment, we offer our community members the opportunity to reconfirm their capital allocations and finalize individual investments on behalf of Cancer Fund I, LLC. We also initiate accepting funds from new investors and finalize our investment based on funds committed by our investor community.