“How many lives you can save with a given amount of money?” Bill Gates

Impact Objectives

Our mission driven investments are guided by these simple objectives:

  • Improve Outcomes – Create better outcomes for patients, so more people can live long, healthy lives.

  • Increase Access – Increase patients access to care, so more people can get the quality care they deserve.

  • Reduce Cost – Lower the cost of caring for cancer, so people can heal and maintain their financial well being.

  • Enable Accountability – Empower patients, so they can take greater ownership of their own health, wellness, and wellbeing.


Areas of Interest

We’re interested in any solutions that could impact our stakeholders, including cancer patients, their families, health professionals, and even payers and policy makers. Typically, solutions fall into one of these categories:

  • Therapies & Management
  • Diagnostics & Monitoring
  • Preventions & Enabling Technologies

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