Welcome to CANCER FUND

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Research is a wonderful thing but it lacks value if it gets stuck in the lab and doesn’t reach patients. It’s time to turn decades of research into products that help people.

Putting cancer innovations to work helping patients requires money. And too many great ideas never make it because they lack the funding needed for testing, approval, production and launch.

We’re here to lead the mission. We’re CANCER FUND. We’ve committed to delivering more than hope by helping to get powerful innovation to the patients who need them.

What We Do

Unlike many other cancer organizations, we don’t support basic research and development. We support promising developments in their early stages where financial support can make the difference between a great research idea and a breakthrough in cancer care.

Venture Capital

We invest in early stage companies that others have created to help them bring innovative inventions to patients. Learn more

Venture Creation

We also create new ventures to address the problems faced by patients, their families, and other cancer stakeholders. Learn more

Investment Themes

We focus on 3 areas of interest:

  • Cancer Therapies & Management

  • Cancer Diagnostics & Monitoring

  • Cancer Preventions & Enabling Technologies


Who We Are

CANCER FUND is a community of people sharing a passion to change the future of cancer, now. We believe that innovation is the key to improving cancer prevention, diagnosis, intervention and outcomes. And we’re committed to helping promising solutions get from the lab to patients so they impact lives.

We come from all walks of life. There’s no entry requirement beyond sharing our passion. Care to join us? Join Us and we’ll help you get involved.

Come Meet Us

Our community meets several times a year to review, discuss, and debate which innovative companies might have the greatest and most immediate impact on cancer. Then, we write checks to support them.

To learn more or request an invitation to our next meeting, Email us for more information or to be invited to a future event.

Ready to help Us change the future OF CANCER INNOVATION?