Why do I support CANCER FUND?

As a cancer researcher and entrepreneur, I’ve seen first-hand innovative cancer therapeutics and diagnostics vanish due to lack of funding. Cancer Fund will solve that funding gap.

– Edward Cho

My Story

I became a cancer researcher because I watched family members and close friends suffer. I became a life sciences entrepreneur because I realized that research was not enough to get solutions to patients. I joined Cancer Fund because I experienced what happens when there’s not enough funding to get your innovations to market.

I hope you’ll join me in funding new innovations to get to market so we can benefit the lives of cancer patients.


CANCER FUND is a venture capital firm where you can INVEST in early-stage companies moving breakthrough cancer research from the lab to patients. It’s an opportunity to support to an important cause – who hasn’t been touched by cancer? – in a unique way that can provide a return on your commitment.

We’ve identified over 450 startup companies working on the hard task of getting cancer innovations to patients. And those 450 are just the start. Those companies are seeking over $2 Billion to bring their innovations to patients. Without it, their innovations stay in the lab and don’t save lives. And the journey from lab to patient doesn’t benefit from the support we provide to cancer research. It takes more.

Be a Difference Maker

Here are three ways you can get involved with CANCER FUND to make a difference.

Pick one, or all three, and join me in becoming part of the solution.

Join our Virtual Screening Committee and help us select our investments by providing your feedback on new portfolio opportunities.

Do more than give. Join other impact investors by investing in CANCER FUND I and own a part of our growing portfolio of early stage cancer innovators.

Celebrate a cancer hero in your life by joining our Celebrations community.

Share Your Voice, Guide Our Investments

Help us select our next investments by joining our Virtual Screening Committee. Quick-Looks offer our community the opportunity to provide feedbac on the innovations we are considering.

Invest Together, For One Another

CANCER FUND is that it isn’t a charity. It’s an investment fund where you can support cancer in a new, meaningful way and have the opportunity to earn a real return on your support dollars.

[You can start by investing as little as $500]

Celebrate Someone Special

Recognize the special people who inspire you. Share the story  – of patients, survivors, those you’ve lost – and support cancer innovation in their honor.

Join me. Join our Community.

Learn more about my experience with CANCER FUND,

and how you can become a valued member of our community.