We’re Excited to Learn More About You …

Thank you for your interest in joining the due diligence team for one or more of our prospective investments. Our questions, and your responses, below should help each of us determine if there might be a mutual fit between our needs and your ideal role(s).

1 - Are we aligned on compensation?(Required)
While we may offer you compensated roles or projects in the future, your participation on this diligence team would be an unpaid role. We know it’s a lot to ask. So, if the potential impact of what we're doing, the learning experience, or addition to your resume and LinkedIn profile aren’t enough, we understand.
2 - Do you understand the scope of work?(Required)
As a member of the due diligence team, in collaboration with a team leader and other team members, you will assist in evaluating sensitive and confidential information and drafting a formal investment memorandum that represents the team's findings, reflects the team members individual investment decisions, and documents the teams collective investment recommendation being made to the Cancer Fund I, LLC Investment Committee.
3 - Have you reviewed investment memoranda from our previous investments and do you understand the final team deliverable?(Required)
You will contribute to the development and drafting of the investment memorandum for this prospective investment. If you have not reviewed memos from our previous investments, they are accessible in the Cancer Fund I, LLC data room at https://invest.funds411.com/o/cancerfund
4 - What due diligence team role(s) best fit your interests and expertise?(Required)
Our diligence teams consist of individual community members contributing talent and expertise to help evaluate our prospective investments. You can review role descriptions here
5 - Do you understand the role(s) you are interested in and the roles of other team members?(Required)
You can learn more about your potential role and other team roles here
6 - Will you have the time to participate during our due diligence period?((Required)
Our due diligence phase typically lasts about four weeks and may require 3-5 hours of assistance per week from you during this period.
7 - Will you be available for weekly meetings?(Required)
During the due diligence period, we hold weekly team meetings via Zoom, typically on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays, at 1 PM Pacific, 4 PM Eastern.
In a maximum of 1000 characters, please share why you feel this role is a strong match with your knowledge, experience, expertise, and/ or interests. We may use this information to match you to this or future opportunities, so it is helpful to be both descriptive and concise. If you need more time to answer this question, after you submit answers, you will receive a link that can be used to update and edit your responses.
Please use the space below to ask us any questions or share comments.