Together as one,

we can do great things.

Thank you for supporting me and cancer innovation.

I am so grateful for your support along this journey. As I’ve said, my journey with cancer is not over. My own fight will continue, as will my efforts to help others fighting breast cancer.

And, since many of you asked what else you can do to help, I’m collaborating with CANCER FUND to support something I believe in . . . cancer innovation.

Why it’s important to move research . . . well, beyond research.

Many of us continue to support cancer research, and that’s great. But, research is just the first step. After great ideas are developed in the lab, it still takes a lot of resources (money) for them to reach patients.

CANCER FUND has identified over 200 startup companies working on the hard task of getting cancer innovations to patients. And those 200 are just the start.

Those companies are seeking nearly $2 Billion to bring their innovations to patients. Without it, their innovations stay in the lab and don’t save lives. And the journey from lab to patient doesn’t benefit from the support we provide to cancer research. It takes more.

How can you help?

CANCER FUND allows us – breast cancer survivors and patients – to take a more active role in the fight.

Here are three ways Team #deliastrong can help today: 

ALL of us can spare 3 minutes to vote for the innovations we think will help our community the most. Our votes will help CANCER  FUND decide which innovations to support.

MANY of us can help fund these innovations by donating to CANCER FUND through a non-profit partner, click above to find a non-profit partner in your state*

SOME of us are fortunate enough to have the resources to join the CANCER FUND investment community by investing $500 or more to help support these innovations.

Life is Beautiful.

Let’s do something equally beautiful to help others!