Courage. Strength. Inspiration. Joy. Laughter. Stories of Special People that Inspire Us.

For those we love. For those we’ve lost. For those who fight the good fight.

Wherever you are in your journey with cancer, we can take a moment to celebrate. We celebrate and honor the survivors and those we’ve lost. We celebrate each victory along the way, and act as cheerleaders to those still in the midst of their battle.
Join us in celebrating the individuals below.

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Anthony is investing $100 in CANCER FUND I to honor Karen for sharing her story.

Karen has a way with words! I’m inspired by everyones’ personal cancer story and genuinely appreciate Karen for her heartfelt words (and excellent prose!)

Thank you for sharing, Karen!

Anthony is investing $100 in CANCER FUND I to honor Fatima for sharing her story.

I’m truely touched by Fatima’s appreciation for the value of time and the need to appreciate the gift of life no matter the circumstances. As a father of two small children, it’s a lesson that I need to embrace and hope others will do the same.

I want to celebrate Fatima for sharing her story to help others and thank her for sharing her journey, good and bad. I hope that our efforts to help cancer innovations get to patients can ease the journey for other cancer patients.

Thank you, Fatima!

Anthony is investing $100 in CANCER FUND I to honor Pamela for sharing her story.

My father passed from colorectal cancer so I know firsthand how dire things can get. When my father was diagnosed, I felt helpless and saw that all the research in the world couldn’t help him. But helping research reach patients like Pamela can really have an impact, which is why I helped launch CANCER FUND. I want to celebrate Pamela for sharing her story to help others and thank her for being real about sharing the reality of her journey.

Thank you, Pamela!

Anthony is investing $100 in CANCER FUND I to celebrate Tamron sharing her story.

Cancer is a moving experience, and we all learn as we go through it. Thank you Tamron for sharing what you’ve learned on your cancer journey!

Thank you, Tamron!

Anthony is investing $100 in CANCER FUND I to celebrate Mary Jill sharing her story.

I am touched whenever someone shares their cancer story, revealing the always difficult journey they are on to encourage others.

Thank you, Mary Jill!

Anthony is investing $100 in CANCER FUND I to celebrate Cindy sharing her story.

I remember when my father was diagnosed with cancer and how unreal the news felt. I know firsthand that there’s power in sharing our experiences and I want to celebrate Cindy for sharing her story to help others.

Thank you, Cindy!

Laura Austin is investing in CANCER FUND I to celebrate Mark Snow.

Mark was my cousin and life-long friend. He died in August, 2021 after a long cancer journey. This is a tribute to him and his wonderful wife, Maria, who was right beside him the whole way.

Chris Low is investing in CANCER FUND I to celebrate Louise.

Louise was MY hero! She worked with me for nearly three decades and was so special in my life that I named my daughter after her.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, my son and I shaved our heads in support and remained that way for as long as she was bald. Louise had been cancer-free for more than a decade when one day I was at an oncologist’s office with my wife, and when I looked up, there was Louise.

We knew that meant she had a recurrence.  Louise ultimately lost her battle to cancer… but she will ALWAYS be my hero.

Jeff donated to support CANCER FUND and celebrate Delia.

Delia has been an inspiration to me in my own journey, teaching me how important it is to remember that in all of its ups and downs, “Life is Beautiful”!

Thank you, Delia, for your strength, your perseverance and your inner beauty.

Wishing you the best in your recovery!

Anthony Bajoras invested in CANCER FUND I to celebrate Jess.

Jess is our first cancer ambassador at CANCER FUND and is in the midst of a recurrence. 

I think about her often and wish her the strength. I hope my support will help bring innovation to cancer patients like Jess.

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