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STEP 4: Tell us how you want to support CANCER FUND.

You can INVEST in CANCER FUND I or, depending on your state of residence, you can DONATE through our non-profit partner, BioAccel. Let us know the amount of support you want to provide and your state of residence, and we'll direct you to a page to review the available options.

How we’re different

Real impact

We turn hope into reality. CANCER FUND invests in companies turning promising innovations into breakthrough treatments and care that impact lives.

More than giving

You give to charities. With CANCER FUND, you invest and can share in profits generated from our portfolio. And you can start with as little as $500.

True transparency

Know where your money is going. We’ll share the innovations your investment is funding and how they aims to benefit patient care, and you.

What we do

CANCER FUND works to make a real difference in the fight against cancer. We invest in innovations to improve patient outcomes, expand access to care, and reduce the cost of care for patients, survivors, and individuals at risk of developing:

  • Breast Cancers
  • Childhood Cancers
  • Lung Cancers
  • Prostate Cancers
  • Glioblastoma and other Brain Cancers
  • Melanoma
  • Colon Cancers
  • Other Cancers

Members of our community



As a stage 3 breast cancer survivor and a donor to many different cancer charities, I never felt that I knew where the money went. I invest in CANCER FUND because I know exactly where my funds go.



I felt helpless whenever another family member or friend had to deal with cancer so I donated to cancer charities to help but I didn’t see any direct, measurable impact. I invest in CANCER FUND because I can see exactly how my support funds innovations for colon, breast, and other cancers I care about. And I see real impact. I would love to chat with you about investing in CANCER FUND. Drop us your info so we can talk more.

Join us

We get it. Donating to cancer causes is easy while investing seems complicated and risky. You might even lose all of your money . . . just like donating. With CANCER FUND, you invest to help cancer innovations reach patients and maybe earn a return on your money . . . not at all like donating.

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