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Target Cancers:

Breast Cancer with plans to expand to all major cancer types

Funding Goal:

$1 Million

Amount Already Raised:


Minimum Investment:


Cancer University educates and empowers cancer patients and their caregivers to become advocates for themselves during their cancer journey to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Founded by Andrea Wilson Woods after her own experience caring for her sister, Cancer U offers online learning and a membership community providing both free and paid content to educate people dealing with cancer and help them better understand the journey they face.

Cancer University is raising funds to expand their offerings to cover additional cancer types, increase visibility and build their user base.




Birmingham, AL

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Why We Support Cancer University

Every cancer journey is unique. But for nearly all of us, it is overwhelming.

At a time of tremendous stress, we have to deal with complex medicine, personal challenges, and fear of the unknown.

Cancer University helps patients and their caregivers deal with uncertainty through both information and support. By helping individuals be better prepared for what lies ahead, they alleviate some of the stress of a stressful time and teach patients to better advocate for themselves in the face of sometimes overwhelming odds.

We believe that Cancer U will impact cancer patients by improving both patient outcomes and quality of life.

We also believe that Cancer U offers the potential to yield a strong financial return for investors.

More Information and Recent News

Cancer University Co-Founder and CEO Andrea Wilson Woods shares her story with Ann Low from The Lowdown on Cancer.