Avesta76 is developing a therapy focused on the commonalities of cancer cells and the role oxidative stress plays in disease. By asking ‘what is the same about cancer cells’ instead of ‘what is different?’ Avesta76 discovered a target that is significantly upregulated by a wide variety of cancers and that has shown to be pivotal in the ability of cancer cells to survive and proliferate. Through the development of their proprietary therapeutic, Avesta has shown the ability to reduce, eliminate, and even prevent cancer tumors in animal data – potentially indicating the ability to turn off one of cancer’s “Master Switches.” If successful, it could help patients that have developed chemotherapy resistance (without the deleterious side effects) and even play a role in prevention for some genetically predisposed previvors.




Series Seed
Funded 2023


Ovarian Cancer


Therapies & Management


Early data show that Avesta76’s targeted therapeutics offer promise for multiple cancers of interest to our investor community, including chemo-resistant ovarian cancer (the company’s first target indication), breast cancer (specifically Triple Negative Breast Cancer), and colorectal cancer among others. Forty years and three generations of the same family have culminated in a novel targeted therapeutic showing promising early animal testing data indicating efficacy in both tumor prevention and regression with no indication of the cytotoxic effects associated with chemotherapies. We believe that it may offer a new therapeutic alternative for patients who have developed chemo-resistance to current treatments, saving lives and improving patient survival.

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