AOA Dx, Inc (“AOA”) is developing a groundbreaking biomarker technology platform centered on tumor glycolipids. The primary objective is to detect early-stage Ovarian cancer by quantifying circulating gangliosides, addressing a critical unmet need in women’s health. AOA’s revolutionary AKRIVIS GDTM is a non-invasive “liquid biopsy” blood test that has the potential to save up to 100,000 women’s lives annually, a large population that also represents a sizable market opportunity. With a pivotal multicenter clinical validation study and stellar team, AOA is poised to usher in a brighter future for women’s health diagnostics.



Series Seed-1
Funded 2023


Ovarian Cancer


Diagnostics & Management


Ovarian cancer is among the most deadly cancer types. Diagnosis is commonly made at later stages where treatment options are limited, leading to a 5-year survival rate of only 28%. AOA’s innovative test offers the promise of earlier detection of Ovarian cancer when symptoms first present, and early detection saves lives. As an impact investment, CANCER FUND sees AOA Dx as a potential breakthrough in improving early cancer detection and opening up more effective treatment options for patients.

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