CANCER FUND I pools funding from our community members to invest in cancer innovations.

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Our Investment Pipeline:

100’s of Cancer Innovations Needing $Billions

With over 50 years and $120B in research funded by the National Cancer Institute alone, the field of innovations for us to fund is wide and deep. 

Our current investment pipeline includes over 600 companies seeking investments totalling almost $4.8B. Our pipeline of potential investments grows every day as we build relationships with innovators, institutions, and industry partners around the globe.

If you are a cancer innovator seeking funding, we invite you to submit your profile for investment consideration HERE.

As of March 31, 2023, our investment pipeline includes:

Number of Companies:


Average Funding Need:

$6.7 Million

Total Funding Need

$4.3 Billion

CANCER FUND I Invests in Early Stage Companies

CANCER FUND supports early stage innovators taking research innovations from lab to patient.

Our investments range from the earliest (pre-seed) to later stages to manage risk exposure while addressing an array of capital needs.

We are currently planning the following the number of investments and allocation of capital shown below.

Our CANCER FUND I Investment Plan

Our promise to move cancer innovations BEYOND RESEARCH is driven by a plan to grow our investor community and build our investment portfolio.

Sure, plans may change with time, new information and evolving assumptions, but our current plan for CANCER FUND I looks like this:

How We Generate A Return on Your Investment

CANCER FUND I invests in early stage companies and generates revenue when our portfolio companies are acquired, do an initial public offering (IPO), or experience some other similar event that allows the Fund to sell our ownership interest . . . hopefully for more than our initial investment.

When that happens, we either reinvest those dollars to continue growing our portfolio or we distribute gains to our investors like you.

There are many different scenarios, and we’ve provided a few above to illustrate how this works and a range of potential outcomes. Because these investments are so high risk, it’s possible that all of them could fail and our investors could lose their entire investment . . . that’s scenario A. Our target is Scenario C, where we earn roughly three times the amount we’ve invested in return for supporting these companies.

Know What You Are Funding

You want to know how the funding you provide cancer organizations is used, CANCER FUND I makes that clear.

CANCER FUND embraces transparency so you have clear visibility into where we invest.

As a CANCER FUND I investor, you’ll have access to:

Video Interviews with

Cancer Innovators

We introduce you to the companies we are considering for investment and invite you to provide feedback and help select the most important innovations.

You can view our innovator videos on our community site, The Lowdown on Cancer.


Investment Evaluation Summary


We’ll share WHY we invested in each portfolio company, cutting through the technical gibberish so you understand the potential we see.

You can access our investment analysis and recommendation for our portofolio companies HERE.


Annual Reporting on

Impact and Returns

We’ll keep you informed on our progress in terms of both impact and returns.

Our Portfolio is Your Portfolio

As a CANCER FUND I investor, our portfolio is YOUR portfolio.

For information on our current portfolio holdings, click HERE.

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We get it. Donating to cancer causes is easy while investing seems complicated and risky. You might even lose all of your money . . . just like donating.

With CANCER FUND, you invest to help cancer innovations reach patients and maybe earn a return on your money . . . not at all like donating.

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